I'm running for U.S. Senate because I have a heart for humanity, Somewhere along the way in the height of hyper partisanship, tribalism, and political polarization we've lost our way and forgotten what's most important. In this great tapestry of ethnicities, culture‚Äčs, and beliefs in our world, there's a single thread that ties us all, our humanity. 


  • Universal Healthcare/Medicare For All 

  • Protect women's rights and autonomy

  • Raise the minimum wage

  • Protect our democracy/Ensure fair and safe elections/End voter suppression policies

  • Relieve student debt

  • Support tax cuts for the poor and middle class

  • Support Universal Childcare/Pre-K

  • Pass criminal justice reform

  • Medicinal cannabis prescription and recreational legalization

  • Ensure environmental protection

  • Subsidize renewable energy sources

  • Repeal Right to Work/Preserve Unions

  • End Citizens United