The purpose of the Better Boys Initiative (BBI) is to promote and encourage personal and public service through organizational partnerships and cooperation with other community engaged agencies. BBI inspires future leaders by utilizing the arts as a conduit to teach skills that are transferrable to the workplace, such as planning, self-assessment, critical thinking, public speaking, and practical and technical management practices.
While achieving this purpose, emphasis is placed on educational and enrichment programming for character development, citizenship training, and health and wellness.


The Better Boys Initiative

Beta Beta Iota   a school-based program of the Better Boys Initiative


Beta Beta Iota is a high-school fraternal organization sponsored and facilitated by the Better Boys Initiative, an arts-based non-profit organization.  A school chapter of Beta Beta Iota will operate with exclusive membership of qualifying young men within the host school.  These young men will participate in workshops and initiatives designed to engage and enrich its participants according to the five organizational pillars.